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Programs at Legacy

The Legacy School believes in students growing, developing and bonding outside of the classroom, there are a variety of activities available for all types of interests. Take a look below to learn more.

Drama Students

The Legacy Chapter of the NAACP

The Legacy Chapter of the NAACP is intentional about training and developing the skills necessary for leadership and activism. Mobilization, community education, and youth activities are essential to focus areas of the Youth Council. 

Each year students elect officers and adopt an annual focus to commit their time and efforts. 

Sports and Athletics

League of Legends Alumni Services is a free service to all Legacy Alumni. We provide programming and support to scholars once they leave our school and enter high school and beyond. Our goal is for all Legacy Alumni to be successful in high school and beyond by helping them explore, fund, plan, and reach their college and career goals.

We support our legends to and through college

Image by Felipe Gregate
Fists in Solidarity

Legacy Fellows

Launching in 2025, Our Yearlong teacher fellowship seeks to develop graduating college seniors, recent graduates, and career changers without teaching certification into exceptional teachers. Our Fellows believe every student can succeed, hold high expectations, and know how to make every hour in the classroom count. Throughout 950 hours of training fellows will co-plan, co-teach, and service a caseload of students under the supervision of our instructional coach.

Engineering at Legacy

WASHKEWICZ College of Engineering at Cleveland State University our students are immersed in the basics of engineering (Computer Science PYTHON, Programming, Introduction to Computers and Engineering Problem Solving).

Students also participate in competitive programs to showcase their mastery and creativity. 

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