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The Legacy School will accept applications for enrollment for students entering Grade 9 in Fall 2023. Students residing in Cuyahoga County are encouraged to apply at the best charter school starting in spring 2023.

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Apply Now - 3 Easy Steps


STEP 1: Click on "APPLY NOW" and fill out the application. Takes only 10 minutes. 


STEP 2: We will need to collect the required documents. 

Enrollment is not complete until you have submitted the documentation required for enrollment at Ohio public schools.

  • Birth Certificate

  • Current Immunization Form

  • Current Proofs of Residence (ex., lease, mortgage, power, water or gas bill)

  • Last School Transcript

  • Caregiver Driver's License or State-Issued Photo ID

  • Copy of Childs IEP or 504 (if applicable)

  • Custody Documents (if applicable)


STEP 3: We will contact you, offer a seat, and set up an appointment for diagnostic and interview.


Your child will be enrolled in The Legacy School without any tuition fee.

 - We will deliver all admissions letters to our inaugural class.

  • What is a Charter School?
    A charter school is a tuition-free school of choice that is publicly funded but independently ran. In exchange for exemptions from many of the state laws and regulations that govern traditional public schools, charters are bound to the terms of a contract, or “charter,” that lays out a school’s mission, academic goals, fiscal guidelines, and accountability requirements.
  • How much is tutition at the Legacy School
    The Legacy School is a tuition-free, public charter high school that is open to all students. However we do have a Consumable Material Fee: We charge a minimal fee to parents for consumable materials per child. Please contact us to learn about the amount of the fee as it may change from year to year. However, such fee is waived for eligible parents if they request a waiver in writing. The fee is not a deterrent of admission or attendance at all. Parent may pay the fee as they enroll or until the end of September of each school year. There are varied fees for school paraphenilia and participation in out of school clubs and athletics. Scholarhsips are provided for famlies that qualify for support. Please reach out to the admissions office for additinal information.
  • Is there an admission exam?
    Upon enrollment, students are required to take diagnostic tests in mathematics and reading. Diagnostic test results will help us understand each student’s needs in order to co-create a personalized education plan for their future academic success. Diagnostics assessments are not to determine whether an applicant will be accepted to our school or not. Therefore, they are given after the application and enrollment.
  • Is an interview required for admission?
    Upon enrollment, we may request an in-person interview with students and parents. The interview is to ensure that the schools’ mission, vision, and expectations are clearly communicated and your individual questions are answered concerning various school programs and events. During the interview we will get to know your child and you as a parent better so we can personalize our education to your child’s needs as much as possible. You will receive our Student Handbook, which clearly explains all the details of the school’s academic and non-academic policies either during the interview or before the school year begins.
  • What is the responsibilty of the caregiver?
    The Legacy School caregivers are expected to have an active role in thier childrens academic experience. As part of our high expectations from parents and students you will be asked to sign a letter of acknowledgement/commitment, indicating your understanding and commitment to our program and expectations, and collaboration with the school. Caregivers must participate in the completion of thier childs learning expeditions in order for the student to gain credit toward graduation.
  • Are your teachers fully certifed?
    The Federal No Child Left Behind Act requires that all classroom teachers must be highly qualified. We attempt, in all cases, to employ highly qualified teachers who meet the requirements of the No Child Left Behind Act. However, state law does permit a small percentage of teaching staff to be hired who are not fully certified, but are otherwise exceptionally qualified to teach specific subjects based on education, experience or content knowledge. In most cases, these teachers are working toward certification. We conduct an extensive interview and background check process with all of our teachers to ensure that they meet or exceed state requirements. We believe that teachers are the most important component of a school and select our teachers through a comprehensive selection process.
  • Is my child guaranteed a seat?
    As with all charter schools, we are a public school open to everyone. If there are enough seats available to accommodate all of the applications we receive, then your child is guaranteed a spot. In the event we receive more applications than available seats, we hold a public lottery to randomly select students to fill the seats. The rest of the students are placed on a waiting list, as it is likely that seats will become available.
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