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Our School

The Legacy School seeks to increase college preparedness in historically underrepresented communities through an early college academic experience that uses intensive learning expeditions to deepen students understanding of self, academics, and how they will make their mark on the world.

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A Legacy Education is...

A Project-based Afrocentric academic program grounded in state learning standards. Under our guidance, students will construct their own knowledge, and develop meaning and understanding through study, experience and reflection. Legacy students will experience an education that focuses on empowering students’ self-esteem through awareness of their culture and its contributions and developing their sense of responsibility to a larger community. We believe that by learning from a perspective that cherishes the learner and her/his history, students will be motivated to succeed and take pride in their learning and community. 


Early College Exposure, our students experience a rigorous college preparatory high school education (CP/Honors and Advanced Placement classes), supplemented with concurrent transferable college-level courses in all academic disciplines.  Through The Legacy School, Early College component students have access to a robust offering of dual credit electives, which encompasses core courses, and varied elective courses; credit can be applied to earning an associate's or bachelor's degree while in high school.

Eight intensive Learning Expeditions are required for graduation from The Legacy School. These are unique to our school and are required in addition to regular classwork. The Learning Expeditions help TLS students develop academically and include school expectations such as attendance and grade point average, as well as skill-building activities that broaden the student’s knowledge of the world and specific skills needed for college, like writing and public speaking.  The non-academic expeditions also engage students in intense levels of Socioemotional support and development. Students will be guided through a journey that promotes college matriculation, individualism, leadership, planning, and emotional intelligence, and social-emotional stability.  

Value Statement

We aim to prepare scholars to assume leadership and responsibility in a competitive and changing world. To this end, the Legacy School professes and upholds certain values. These values include the discipline of postponing immediate gratification in the interest of earning eventual, hard-won satisfaction; the responsibility of defending one’s own ideas, and respect of the views of others; an appreciation for the lively connection between knowledge and learning and the compassion to serve. 

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