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Learning at Legacy

At The Legacy School, we understand that each of our students has individual wants and needs. We believe that learning can only be fostered from a feeling of mutual respect and compassion, and we maintain those values in everything we do. Our unique approach provides students with the proper support system to help lead them to a successful path.

The transformative learning process at The Legacy School is designed to help our students grow both in and out of the classroom. Each day is filled with opportunities to experience new educational and social situations for further development. Our teachers create a safe and open setting where they can guide students in exploring the world around them.

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Afrocentric Focus

The Afrocentric Perspective is a culturally grounded social work practice-based model that affirms, codifies, and integrates common cultural experiences, values, and interpretations that cut across people of African descent.


The Legacy schools believes that an Afrocentric cultural culturally responsive curriculum should be standards based as well as centered around Student Academic Success, Cultural Competence, and Critical Consciousness. 

Our students experience their culture in their academic experience. They are presented real work problems in their communities and work together to find solutions.

Liberal Arts

The Legacy School liberal arts and sciences education includes the study of literature, mathematics, history, and science. It is designed to foster in students the desire and capacity to learn, think critically, and communicate proficiently and to prepare them to function as engaged citizens. Through the Harkness learning model, students develop the ability to be independent, self-directed learners while also strengthening their abilities to learn from, communicate and collaborate with others.

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Learning Gateways

The Legacy School students set the tone in every room. To earn a diploma from The Legacy School, students must complete 8 learning expeditions. The learning expedition process includes a portfolio of student work, community service, social-emotional learning, budgeting, internships, and grades, and culminates in choosing, preparing for, applying to college, and applying for financial aid and scholarships.  Students must present each learning expedition to a panel of members of the school community (Teachers, Administrators, Counselors, and Guardians) 

Early College

Academically and socially mature students attending The Legacy School have the unique opportunity to take college courses alongside university students and earn college credit tuition-free. 

Our students have an advantage of exposure, they are exposed to instruction from tier 1 colleges and universities in a supportive environment. Participation is a degree requirement. 

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The Legacy Houses

The house system is a traditional feature of schools in England they have the purpose of supporting processes that build character, relationships, and school spirit. At the Legacy School, students are divided into houses at the time of enrollment. Throughout their matriculation students will earn points for outstanding achievements, grades, community involvement, etc. Students will participate in monthly, and quarterly house days to compete and engage with other houses. 

The Legacy Houses are named after great men and women who have made considerable contributions to society...

Aretha Franklin - Purple             

Langston Hughes - Green

Stephanie Tubbs-Jones -  Blue

Otis Moss Jr. - Yellow

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