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5 Unrivalled Characteristics of The Legacy (Charter School)

If you are researching the best charter school in Cleveland, Ohio, and considering enrolling your child, then the Legacy School is your ultimate option. You are not alone; thousands of parents have opted for charter schools as their best choice for enriching students with the best education for their bright future.

Do you know: According to a research survey, From the year 2000 to 2017 alone, the ratio of students switching from public to charter schools has grown from 1% to 6%. As a result, there has been a skyrocketing increase as more minds flock towards charter institutes.

We have broken down the unrivalled characteristics of the Legacy School, making it one of the top charter schools in Cleveland, Ohio.

Let's dive in!


1: Our Education Model is Based on Innovation and Excellence

2: We are an Autonomous Charter School

3: We Offer the Maximum Space for your Children to Socialize and Ask Questions

4: We are more accountable than public schools in the area

5: We Offer More for Less with a $0 Admission Fee

Before landing straight to our contents, let's have a quick overview of the most frequently asked questions and aspects regarding our fantastic school and how it works in the best interest of the students.

What is a Charter School?

As a means of achieving the following, charter schools are established to provide opportunities for educators, parents, students, and members of the community to establish and maintain schools that operate independently from the structure of the existing school district:

● Enhance student comprehension, and provide open learning doors for all understudies.

● Encourage the use of novel and diverse teaching strategies.

● Provide teachers with new career opportunities.

● Expand the variety of educational opportunities available to students and their parents within the public school system, and take responsibility for achieving quantifiable academic standards.


Charter School Vs. Public School:

Several factors need to be considered when comparing charter schools to public schools. Charters are more adaptable. Charters operate independently through individual agreements with state or local governments that establish rules and performance standards. They are not part of a public school district that sets curriculum and standards for all schools. The arts or theatre may be the focus of some charter schools, while others emphasize racial and social justice as well as ecology and sustainability.

Moving on,

While there are countless aspects to falling in love with the Legacy School, listed below are the top five qualities you will not find in any other charter school in Ohio.

1: Our Education Model is Based on Innovation and Excellence

Tradition is beneficial to some; A model that has been improved over decades can produce great results. However, adhering to tradition can quickly result in maintaining the status quo and delaying innovation. Therefore the Legacy School is dedicated to utilizing cutting-edge technology to facilitate learning because we make the rules. We are the centre of creativity and innovation in Ohio because we have implemented the best policies to see what works best for the children.

2: We are an Autonomous Charter School

Our charter school is exempt from all district rules and regulations, whereas other public schools in Cleveland are not. Instead, we adhere to our contract, or "charter." Since charter schools will incorporate state curriculum in some way, this charter does not mean that the school will disregard all of it. Instead, it simply indicates that we are in control of our decisions, hence why the Legacy School can offer specialized programs to its students due to the freedom of choice we offer.

3: We Offer the Maximum Space for your Children to Socialise and Ask Questions

The Legacy School's ability to maintain a smaller average class size is another advantage. Every child should be able to focus and concentrate properly. Hence, a class with fewer students means more one-on-one time with teachers and more space for your children to ask questions, giving them a more individualized education experience. Because it may be easier for shy or quiet children to learn and socialize in a smaller group, this method has proven to be a game changer for student’s academic progress.

4: We are More Accountable than Public Schools in the Area

It's time to dispel the myth that charter schools are less accountable than public schools. In point of fact, charter schools typically face greater scrutiny. This is because we must implement the charter we have created. The charter frequently specifies performance metrics for students, which must be met. To ensure that all public funds are well spent, we must adhere to the highest quality standards and report to the government and taxpayers from whom we receive funding.

5: We Offer More for Less for a $0 Admission Fee

That is true! There are no entry fees to enrol in our school. The Legacy School offers many advantages over private schools, such as smaller class sizes and individualized attention. The parents, however, do not have to pay a lot for these benefits. Instead, our school provides these benefits by managing its funds in a manner distinct from conventional public schools and limiting them to the bare essentials.

A Final Word

Charter schools are an excellent alternative to public education for anyone seeking an education that emphasizes a particular subject and encourages one-on-one instruction. Are you wondering what is the best charter school near me? Look no further than the Legacy School, as it is an excellent option for Ohio residents who want to go beyond the norm regarding their educational opportunities.

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